Pickup Locations:

Riddle Me Kids (weekends)          17665 Leslie St. Newmarket       

Baker's Crush   (weekdays)           465 Timothy St. Newmarket       

or By Mail 

  • Gift cards/keys are loaded by the quantity of players including taxes. It can be purchased per # of players ($22.60 each)

  • Voucher codes are written in invisible ink and visible by black light, which we we use to verify in front of them when they come for their game

  • codes can be customized to inside family jokes or anything else that may make it a fun experience

  • You can purchase one by emailing us the # of players you wish to purchase and we will send you an online invoice 

  • You can pick up from the above locations (please confirm business hours) or provide your address to have it mailed to you 

  • There is no min/max # of players that the key can hold


To redeem gift cards simply click on the Book a Game tab on our website and view the available games slots. Call/email with the game/date/time you wish to use the gift card for, and we will book it for you. Do not book the games online yourself as the system will not redeem the gift card after you have paid.  Voucher must be shown upon arrival.