Pickup Locations:

Riddle Me Kids (weekends)          17665 Leslie St. Newmarket       

Baker's Crush   (weekdays)           465 Timothy St. Newmarket       

or By Mail 

  • Gift cards/keys are loaded by the quantity of players including taxes. It can be purchased per # of players ($22.60 each)

  • Voucher codes are written in invisible ink and visible by black light, which we we use to verify in front of them when they come for their game

  • codes can be customized to inside family jokes or anything else that may make it a fun experience

  • You can purchase one by emailing us the # of players you wish to purchase and we will send you an online invoice 

  • You can pick up from the above locations (please confirm business hours) or provide your address to have it mailed to you 

  • There is no min/max # of players that the key can hold